Sponsorship Opportunities

The Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference gathers people from all sectors – college students and faculty, government officials, business leaders, non-profit advocates, K-12 educators and the public – to learn from leading experts, and from each other. This accessible and welcoming community event – organized as a “teach-in” in the spirit of the first Earth Day – creates an unusual blend of perspectives, highlighting fresh ideas and solutions to our most daunting environmental challenges.

This event has previously featured distinguished leaders, innovators and visionaries such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jane Goodall, Celine Cousteau Margaret Atwood, Julia Alvarez, and the former prime minister of Bhutan, Lyonpo Yeshi Zimba.

Sponsorship Details

Tax Deductibility of Corporate/Non-Profit Sponsorships

The University of Wisconsin Foundation will issue a receipt for corporate/non-profit sponsorships. Please note that sponsorship recognition value may differ from sponsorship tax value.

Sponsorship at a glance

Earth Day Conference at a Glance. Average attendance: 800-100. Average # of exhibitors: 50. Average networking time in exhibit hall: 75 minutes. Average percentage of attendees by demographic: Government: 12%, Education: 18%, Corporate & non-profit: 18%, Individual community participant: 26%, Student: 15%, All Others: 11%, Sponsorship tiers: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper

Sponsorship Contact

Please direct questions regarding conference sponsorship to:

Emily Reynolds

Assistant Director, Community Engagement and Alumni Relations
Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
(608) 265-2564