Cutting-Edge Conservation

From gene and sound mapping to artificial intelligence, this session will explore innovative ecological engineering and showcase why technology holds the key to preserving habitats and wildlife.

(There are four videos in this playlist; they will automatically play one after another, or you can use the player controls to skip ahead to individual videos. If viewing on a mobile device and casting to a TV, you may have better results viewing the videos directly in YouTube.)


Carol Barford, director and associate scientist, Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, UW-Madison

Zuzana Burivalova, assistant professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, UW-Madison

Francisco Pelegri, professor, Department of Genetics, UW-Madison

Zhou Zhang, assistant professor, Biological Systems Engineering, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, UW-Madison

Session Sponsors

Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment
Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin